Romagnano town bypass road variance

Romagnano town bypass road variance, connecting Valsesia SP 299 provincial road
and SR 142 Biella regional road.

The construction work develops to the east of the Romagnano Sesia built-up area, from the intersection with SR 142 Biella regional road via a roundabout marking the start of the new 3000mt-long Valsesia SP 299 section.

Starting from the valley side, the construction project includes the following sections: a 670mt-long initial trench road section, a 640mt-long artificial tunnel with a circular cross-section, constructed with a double-faced metal formwork, a 330mt-long pre-compressed concrete viaduct ending with a raised road section leading to the roundabout connecting with the existing SP 299 provincial road.

Project details

Committente: Novara Province Piedmont Region
Principal: EUR 9,210,000.00