Works of restauration and conservative improvement of immovable properties to destine him to library Vercelli

Drafting of the construction working plan and performance of the conservative restoration and renovation
of a building unit to be destined to a library – Lot no. 01 – static consolidation of the former pharmacy
building, construction of a recreation centre and façade restoration works.

The renovation of the former Pharmacy is implemented by means of long-standing, reliable conservative restoration methods. The ground-floor unit of the building is refurbished by restoring and enhancing its heritage and architectural features, fully respecting the character of interiors and exteriors.

The typical features of the whole building, such as the façades and their decoration style – featuring rusticated plaster, decorative crown molding, frieze trims, skirting, string-courses and eave design – will be completely preserved.

On the contrary, interiors shall be turned into open spaces by removing all partitions and inconsistent structures added over time, thus recovering valuable stone elements.

Project details

Principal: Vercelli Town Authority
Amount: EUR 3,607,547.75