Realization of the first phase of the new block for intensity of care of the P.Or. Mercy of Grosseto.

ABid contract for the final working design project as well as construction of the 1st step
of the new Intensive Care Unit block at Misericordia Hospital in Grosseto.

The new hospital building is a four-storey strip on a North-South line, approximately 160 mt long, 21 mt wideand 19 mt high, consisting of five blocks and with two adjoining 10mt-high low blocks.

The building has a 6000 floor space approximately. It consists of a ground floor for general facilities, OR and IC blocks and two hospital ward floors.

As far as the general building layout is concerned, the design project is consistent with the overall tender bid requirements: the building block/tower layout, a ground floor for services and utilities, connections with the other hospital units, easy development of building additions over time.

Project details

Principal: Tuscany Region, LHU no. 9 Grosseto
Amount: EUR 25,803,297.00