Completion Works New Library of the Polytechnic University of Milan.

Tender contract for the performance of building completion works according to best practice
and the highest construction standards, for the New Library of the Milan Polytechnic University.

The building is located within the University Campus of the Milan Polytechnic University, at the Bovisa site of the Department of Engineering, Via Lambruschini. The building company, in Temporary Association with the Company Vanoncini SpA, performed the awarded works in a very short time, completing the construction of the strip building where the new Library is located as well as the building of the university lecture hall and classrooms, featuring a more complex shape. Neocos Srl directly performed excavation works as well as other works, namely, the construction of mixed structures composed of cast-in-place reinforced concrete and prefab floor bases, execution of technological networks, assistance to utilities and system set-up as well as interior finishing such as stonework and flooring.

The works are completed by full outdoor renovation to connect the newly built unit with the existing unit and the urban setting on several levels. As a consequence, the company also executed steps, pathways, yards and pedestrian pavements as well as green areas, lighting, concrete/stone paving and the relevant underground utility networks.

Project details

Principal: Euromilano Spa
Amount: EUR 4,100,000.00