Center of Services for self-sufficient elderly people not in common in Venice Fraz. Marghera

New Retirement Home for care-dependent senior citizens (no.120 guest capacity)
in the Venice Municipality, Marghera district, Chirignago borough.

The new building, featuring a modern, cutting-edge design and very high energy efficiency class, is fully surrounded by a green area and is also provided with terraces and large glass windows which ensure plenty of comfort and light in all rooms.

The unique features of the design make the common rooms and canteen space bright and welcoming.

Venezia Retirement Home consists of two-storey housing blocks, ideal for providing accommodation facilities to senior citizens, whether self-sufficient, limitedly self-sufficient or care-dependent. The housing facilities also include a wide garden area and dedicated visitor car parking.

Project details

Principal: Casa mia Mestre srl
Amount: EUR 11,843,500.00